How to Maintain Your iPhone Battery Health at 100: Tips and Tricks?

Users have been discussing ways to extend the life of the iPhone battery and get more use out of each charge ever since the gadget was launched. Our joint efforts to extend the life of iPhones have taught us a lot about iPhone batteries. Still, eventually, it becomes critical to know when to replace your iPhone battery when your struggles to maintain the battery health of your iPhone are shattered. 

Questions That Almost Everyone Came Up With

  • How can I reset my iPhone’s battery health?
  • What is good battery health?
  • How do I maintain 100 iphone battery health?
  • What is the average life of an iPhone battery?
  • When should I get a new iPhone battery?
  • What is the cost of an iPhone battery replacement?

Keep reading this article, and you surely get the answers to all your answers. 

A Clear View About Battery Lifespan & Battery Health

  • Battery Lifespan:

The lifespan of an iPhone battery is measured in charge cycles. A charge cycle is completed when you use 100% of your battery’s capacity. On average, an iPhone battery is designed to retain up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles.  

  • Battery Health:

You can check the health of your iPhone’s battery with one of its helpful features. This may be verified by going to “Settings”> “Battery”> “Battery Health.” 

It gives you details about the maximum capacity and peak performance potential of your battery.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Battery Health?

Let’s first discuss why maintaining the health of your iPhone battery is crucial before getting into the tips and strategies. Your phone’s battery is a lifeblood and a healthy battery gives your device longer-lasting power. Additionally, keeping your iPhone’s battery healthy helps prolong its lifespan and prevent unexpected shutdowns. 

Best Ways to Maintain Your iPhone Battery Health

Maintaining 100% phone battery health requires consistent efforts. Following these steps, you’re well on your way to a longer-lasting iPhone battery. 

  1. Charge your iPhone when it reaches to 20%

Avoiding letting your phone’s battery run completely depleted is one of the greatest methods to keep it healthy. Rather than waiting until your phone hits 0% battery life, it is advised to charge it when it reaches about 20%. By doing this, you can prevent over-discharging, which might harm your battery.

  1. Optimize your iPhone settings for battery life
  • Adjust Screen Brightness

Your battery life can be greatly increased by lowering the screen’s brightness. You can adjust this manually using the “Settings” app, or you can enable “auto-brightness” to adjust the brightness based on the lighting conditions. 

  • Disable Motion Effects And Dynamic Wallpapers: 

Although visually appealing, these features drain battery life more quickly. Reducing motion impacts and using static wallpapers is the best option.

  • Reduce The Frequency Of New Data Fetching: 

You can change your accounts’ Mail settings to reduce the frequency of new data fetching or do it manually. As a result, your phone uses less power in the background, preserving battery life.

  • Limit Background App Refresh: 

This feature enables apps to update their content in the background while using cellular or Wi-Fi. You can extend the life of your battery by turning off certain apps.

  • Use Wi-Fi Rather Than Cellular Data: 

Compared to cellular data, Wi-Fi consumes less power. Thus, wherever feasible, switch to Wi-Fi from your data.

  1. Keep It Far Away From Direct Heat Sources

One of a battery’s greatest foes is heat. Don’t expose your iPhone to excessive heat. One way to prevent this is to avoid leaving your iPhone on the dashboard of your car when it’s sunny outside. 

Try not to engage in strenuous activities while exposed to the sun, such as gaming. The battery will suffer due to the sun’s heat, the CPU’s additional heat production, the screen’s maximum brightness, and other factors.

  1. Charge Your iPhone The Right Way
  • Use Apple-Approved Chargers 

To protect your device and battery, only use chargers and cables certified by a reliable manufacturer or recognized by Apple.

  • Prevent Overcharging 

Overcharging your iPhone over time might cause gradual battery degradation. When your device hits 100%, unplug it to avoid overcharging.

  1. Proper Storage and Care
  • Store Your iPhone Carefully

It’s important to adhere to a few rules when storing your phone for a long time. Store your device with a charge level of 50% to 80% and keep it in a dry, cold place.

  • Employ a Screen Protector and Case

Use a sturdy case and a premium screen protector to shield your iPhone from physical harm. This can save the need for screen replacements or repairs that drain batteries.

  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Excessively high or low temperatures also impact the health of your battery. To avoid damage, maintain your phone in a reasonable temperature range.

  1. Avoid Charging and Using Your Phone Simultaneously

If you do not look at your messages or stop scrolling for a while, it will not have any negative impact on your device or disturb your life. Additionally, refrain from playing video games for an extended period while your iPhone is charging.

Multiplayer games, in particular, tend to cause their cherished iPhones to overheat. Charging it at the same time will worsen the issue and affect your iPhone’s long-term battery health.

  1. Regularly Update Your Software

Apple frequently releases updates to enhance overall device efficiency and battery performance. To benefit from these improvements, ensure the most recent iOS version is installed on your iPhone.

A Good Battery Health

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single indicator that can be used to assess the health of batteries. Everything is based on your usage of it. A battery’s health should ideally be more than 90%. Even yet, Apple claims that anything over 80% should still guarantee your iPhone is operating at its peak efficiency.

Ending Up

These are the greatest methods for extending the life of your iPhone battery and enhancing its battery health. Use the simple directions in this article to make sure you don’t break your phone and make the most of its features. Ensure that you follow the instructions, monitor the temperature of the gadget while it charges, and record the duration of time it is left plugged in.

If all else fails, it may be time to consider having a professional battery replacement if the health of your battery is continuously less than 80%. The battery life of your device can be greatly extended with the help of Phone Hub battery replacement services. After all, years of reliable performance are guaranteed by a healthy battery.

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