Best Tips To Prevent iPhone From Heating Up While Charging

Is your iPhone becoming too hot while it’s charging? The fact that so many iPhone owners have encountered this issue raises some serious concerns. You use your beloved gadget for various things, including talking on the phone with long-lost pals and playing games or watching movies during a lengthy journey. 

This could potentially put a lot of stress on your device, resulting in an overheating problem during or even after a full recharge. Even though this is an usual problem, you should still take precautions or get your phone fixed to extend its lifespan. 

This blog post shares the best tips to prevent the iPhone from heating up while charging. So, no more worrying about burning hands or temperature control malfunctions. Read on as we dive into some quick tricks for providing cool relief for iPhone users. 

Useful Suggestions!

These tips are simple but effective ways to prevent iPhone overheating when charging. By following these guidelines, you will enjoy a smoother and safer experience with your device. 

  1. Why Should You Avoid Using Your iPhone While Charging?

It’s a common habit to use your phones while charging, but did you know there are better practices than this? Here’s why? 

It’s recommended to avoid using your iPhone while it’s charging because heat is one of your phone’s deadliest enemies. It may result in overheating issues and reduce the battery’s lifespan. 

  1. Unplug Your Phone At 100% Charge

We all love having a fully charged iPhone, but what happens if you keep it plugged in? 

It can damage the battery if you keep your device plugged in after it reaches 100% charge. Similar to overeating, it causes strain on your batteries. So, unplug it when it has finished charging. The simple adjustment may result in a longer battery life.

  1. Don’t Keep The Charger Plugged In For Too Long 

Have you ever left your charger plugged in all night? 

Long-term charging of your tech gadgets might cause negative impacts on the battery and stress. Try to avoid this; how? By charging during the day or setting a timer to cease charging when it’s not required. 

  1. Turn Off Unnecessary Features While Charging

Multitasking is great, but not when your iPhone is charging. 

Disabling WiFi, Bluetooth, and any other features you don’t need while charging is a good idea. This keeps it cooler and helps it charge more quickly, reducing the burden on the battery.

  1. Keep Your Charging Port Clean

Dusty charging port? It’s time for some cleaning

Your charging port might slow down charging and lead to heating problems if it becomes dusty or unclean. Use a cotton swab or compressed air to keep it clean. It is a basic action that makes an enormous impact.

  1. Charge At The Right Temperature

Your iPhone prefers room-temperature

Whether it’s too hot or cold, charging your phone in an extreme environment might damage the battery. Charge your phone at room temperature whenever possible. You’ll be grateful to your battery for it.

  1. Use MFI (Made for iPhone) Certified Chargers

Quality matters when it comes to chargers

Use only MFI-certified chargers. These are the authorized certifications from Apple for secure and effective charging. They ensure your iPhone receives the safe power it requires and aids in preventing overheating. 

  1. Use A Wall Outlet

Choose the right plug for your device

Instead of using USB ports on computers, a wall outlet is preferable if you want to charge your iPhone swiftly and safely. Overheating is less likely due to the more reliable power supply wall outlets offer.

Some Other Easy Strategies To Cool Your Device

The simplest way to avoid damaging your iPhone from overheating is to cool it down quickly. But, it would be best to utilize the right cooling techniques to protect the iPhone’s internal components adequately. Here are four effective methods for quickly cooling down a phone.

  • Take Off the Phone cover: 

The first step in allowing your device to cool down is to remove it from its cover. In reality, phone cases trap heat, which causes them to overheat more. The heat that has been retained will quickly be released when you remove your case.

  • Check Your Cables:

If there is obvious damage or bulging, you should replace the cable because it may cause your iPhone to heat up when charging.

  • Verify for Potential External Factors: 

Ensure that your phone is in a cool, shaded area. Extreme heat and direct sunshine should be avoided because they will cause your damage to overheat while it is charging.

  • Keep CPU Activities To A Minimum: 

Last but not least, if your phone is overheating, check to see if you have many apps open. This includes downloading significant data, making calls, using the GPS, and watching videos. Give your phone some time to cool down.

iPhone Overheating For No Reason | What To Do?

Is there no reason why your cherished gadget is overheating more than usual? Don’t stress. You should keep your iPhone charged and in a robust and reliable WiFi environment whenever you update your iPhone or any of its apps so that the operations can go as smoothly as possible, or you can try resetting all settings in:

 Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

Your settings will revert to default values, but nothing will be deleted. If the issue persists, you must contact Apple Support or seek professional help if your iPhone continues to overheat after you attempt all the fixes mentioned above. Any conceivable hardware or software problems can be identified and fixed. 

Little Tool Knowledge Provides You Immense Benefit

Assuming you know some tools, do you know which is best for fixing the problem with your iPhone getting hot while charging?

Use WooTechy iPhixer if you need to resolve this problem as quickly as possible. It may help you resolve iPhone overheating bugs at the quickest possible rate without erasing any data from your phone. This iPhone system repair program would identify the root cause of your iPhone’s overheating and provide the quickest possible resolution.

You can easily and conveniently return your device to its original state by fixing iPhone system issues. Additionally, using this tool only requires 3–4 simple clicks during the

Fix all iPhone problems, including overheating, a square box on the screen, a stuck battery percentage while charging, a battery depleting quickly, a hello screen that won’t go away, and more.

Some Last Thoughts

Consider the tips above to prevent your device from becoming overheated when charging since an overheated iPhone may have certain adverse effects. Install updates, routinely clean your charging parts, restrict your smartphone’s functionality while charging, and don’t use more power than the manufacturer has specified. 

Use only beanbags and cables that have received certification from Apple. It’s also a good idea to keep your iPhone comfy and out of direct sunlight as it charges to control the device’s temperature. 

You can avoid unwelcome overheating of your pricy gadget by contacting Phone Hub technicians for iPhone repair. Using user-friendly, long-lasting accessories that have received the Apple certification will help your device last even longer. 

Ultimately, taking good care of your phone will go a long way toward preventing any overheating or charging issues while charging, so make use of these simple suggestions for uninterrupted and risk-free use of an iPhone!

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