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We can proudly say, be it any type of repair for any type of gadget, we've got you covered! We specialize in top quality repair for all of your smart devices in Westover Blvd.

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Our Repair Services

iPhone Repair in Westover

Is your iPhone acting, looking or feeling strange? Phone Hub is the best service store for your needs when it comes to iPhone Repair in Westover. We cover everything ranging from water damage repairs to cracked screen replacements. Quality is our number 1 priority.

Samsung Phone Repair in Westover

Samsung's durability is no joke, but still, it might be in need of repair. Phone Hub can take care of your Samsung Phone Repairs. Say goodbye to low batteries and cracked back glasses for good. Head over to Phone Hub's Westover store, and we'll see what repairs need to be done for you.

iPad Repair in Westover

Having a bigger form factor, the iPad has to be kept with even more care. It can attract serious damage, but why worry when you have Phone Hub for all of your iPad Repairs in Westover? Faulty speakers and charging port problems are just a few of the iPad issues we take care of.

Computer Repair in Westover

Slow and faulty computers cause frustration and anxiety. Our technicians at Phone Hub Westover store are here to address and provide you with the top quality Computer Repairs. We can assist you in recommending the upgrades and repairs your computer needs for swift operation.

Gaming Console Repair in Westover

Is your gaming console acting up? You need not to worry, as we at Phone Hub are experts in Gaming Console Repairs in Westover. Our technicians can fix all the problems with your gaming console so that you never fail your favourite mission again. Call us now!

Smartwatch Repair in Westover

Cracked screens, faulty batteries and malfunctioning sensors are just a few of the issues smartwatches are prone to have. Don't worry. Phone Hub store in Westover is expert in Smartwatch Repairs. Our guarantee: Bring in your faulty smartwatch and leave with a fully functional one.


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