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Be a proud citizen of Marietta - enriched with history and a pathway to a prosperous future! Phone Hub contributes to the city by providing its top-notch smart device repair services.

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Our Repair Services

iPhone Repair

We’re the ultimate experts in iPhone repair in Marietta. No matter what has caused your iPhone to stop working, we can get it back to its prime condition. From the classic iPhone 8 to the latest iPhone 14, we’ve got you all covered! Quick - Reliable - Affordable iPhone Repairs

Samsung Phone Repair

Are you a Samsung Phone enthusiast? Don’t worry about your phone defects. We’re here in Marietta to cater Samsung phone repair needs. From cracked screen replacement to water damage repair and beyond, we will get it back up and running again. Contact us for quick quotes!

iPad Repair

Say Goodbye to the days when you could not enjoy the freedom of utilizing the most out of your iPad - And stop by our convenient Marietta’s repair store for fast, efficient, trusted, and budget-friendly iPad repair services. From diagnostics to finish, our experts will leave no stone unturned.

Computer Repair

Keep yourself ahead, and don’t let a single glitch interrupt you! We’re a team of professionals providing exceptional computer repair services at our store. From hardware fixes like motherboard replacement and power supply repair to software bug removal like malware rescue and operating system installation, we’ll do it for you.

Gaming Console Repair

The frustration of being unable to play games is understandable. And we’re here to get you out of trouble. Bring your broken PlayStation, Faulty Xbox, or defective Nintendo Switch, and leave the rest to us. We’ll return your console to its standard shape as quickly as possible.

Smart Watch Repair

Scale up your tech game by fixing your smart watch back to work. We’re specialized and trained in smart watch repairs in Marietta. From broken screen replacement to water damage repair, from battery replacement to power button fix and beyond, we’ll put it right with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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